PSW Group offer tubular make up and break out services with our stationary unit, the EnerQuip Fully Rotational Torque machine, located at our Mongstad Facility. The EnerQuip FR machine accurately makes up or breaks out the threaded connections on tubular components, such as oil and gas well drilling tools, casing, tubing, and similar components, without damaging threads.


This video shows the make & break machine in use. On behalf of a customer, we connected 20" casing of 12.5 meters to lengths of 25 meters at our new facilities at Mongstad. Traditionally this operation takes place on the rig floor. By connecting two and two casing joints in our workshop before transport, the number of well runs are reduced, the customer saves rig time, and we can ensure quality of delivery in a controlled environment.


Headstock Clamp Range: 2 3/8
Make Torque - Min (ft lbs): 100 ft lbs
Tailstock Clamp Range: 2 3/8
Make Torque - Max (ft lbs): 100,000 ft lbs
Clamping Jaws 6 off per Head
Break Torque - Max (ft lbs): 100,000 ft lbs
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PSW Power & Automation has installed the solar power plant on the roof of parent company PSW Group's new facilities in Mongstad. With its 1200 solar panels over 2500 square meters, the plant is the tenth largest in Norway, and the building's own power generation is approximately 350,000 kWh per year.

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