One service provider for all your ISS needs

With extensive experience from offshore installations, PSW Group provide a unique expertise in the planning and execution of ISS (Insulation, Scaffolding and Surface treatment) services.

We provide surface treatment of all steel qualities, industrial surface treatments according to NORSOK M-501 and other OEM procedures in our state of the art facilities, with specialized painting systems.

Sandblasting and surface treatment of

  • Pipes and pipe systems
  • Valves
  • Marine risers and subsea equipment
  • Structures
  • Various sizes of tanks and whole plants/facilities
  • Metalizing with aluminum and zink
  • Casing and drillpipe

SubArc Welding (PulverBue)

Submerged arc is a mechanized process, where one wire is fed through a conduit and a contact nozzle up to the welding arc. The arc and the molten pool are protected by a mineral flux supplied in front of the wire, this melts and creates a slag which also contributes to a particularly smooth and even weld surface. Submerged arc welding is suitable for most unalloyed and alloyed types of steel. The process stands out by its good welding economy, which is caused by a high deposition rate, and in general few welding defects. Submerged arc is also extensively used for cladding, where wear resistant or corrosion resistant metals are deposited onto ordinary steel.

Complete riser repair service center

PSW Group provide a complete service center for the manufacturing, modification, maintenance, re-certification and repair of riser and riser related equipment. With experience from repair and upgrade of over 2500 marine risers, we are the leading supplier of buoyancy repair services. 

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PSW Power & Automation has installed the solar power plant on the roof of parent company PSW Group's new facilities in Mongstad. With its 1200 solar panels over 2500 square meters, the plant is the tenth largest in Norway, and the building's own power generation is approximately 350,000 kWh per year.

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