Complete Rig Maintenance Services

With experience in class renewal surveys, upgrades and repairs for both Norwegian and foreign rig customers, we are a significant supplier in the offshore sector, and offer engineer services, maintenance, modifications and repair to drilling companies and rig owners. Our partnership with Wergeland Yard and proximity to Fensfjorden enables us to handle all your rig or vessel maintenance needs in an effective and cost-efficient manner, whether via Yardstay, Fjordstay or offshore services.

We always focus on the customer’s requirements in all that we do, and we deliver quality on time, bringing rigs and vessels back into operation on schedule and on budget. Our skilled experts handle the whole value chain, from engineering to planning and execution phases.

Our services include:

  • Yardstay / Fjordstay
  • BOP- In Between Well Services (IBW) 
  • Rig inspection services
  • SPS (5 year)
  • Certification, Recertification
  • Rig Condition Survey & Verification
  • Drilling package & Class NDT
  • Layup
  • Modifications
  • Project Management / Engineering
  • EX services offshore
  • ISO Services offshore
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PSW Group offer a Capping Stack & related services and equipment as part of the Norwegian Oil & Gas emergency response plan. The capping stack is stored at PSW Group's facilities at Mongstad and can be ready at quayside within 24 hours of notification.

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