PSW Group offer tubular make up and break out services with our stationary unit, the EnerQuip Fully Rotational Torque machine, located at our Mongstad Facility.  The EnerQuip FR machine accurately makes up or breaks out the threaded connections on tubular components, such as oil and gas well drilling tools, casing, tubing, and similar components, without damaging threads.


Headstock Clamp Range: 2 3/8
Make Torque - Min (ft lbs): 100 ft lbs
Tailstock Clamp Range: 2 3/8
Make Torque - Max (ft lbs): 100,000 ft lbs
Clamping Jaws 6 off per Head
Break Torque - Max (ft lbs): 100,000 ft lbs
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PSW Group offer a Capping Stack & related services and equipment as part of the Norwegian Oil & Gas emergency response plan. The capping stack is stored at PSW Group's facilities at Mongstad and can be ready at quayside within 24 hours of notification.

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