A wide selection of shore power systems

Our wide selection of shore power systems for rental or sale can be offered as a tailormade container solution for quick & easy installation and compatible to all standard voltage and frequencies. The shore power from PSW Power & Automation is fully compliant to IEC PAS 80005-3.

  • Quick & easy installation by design. Each adjustable rental frequency converter is configured to help minimize the installers’ time. Only connection of input and output cables to clearly marked and easily accessed terminals is necessary.
  • Fully load tested equipment provides our rental customers with peace of mind, and assurance of equipment reliability.
  • Simple / Intuitive Operator Controls enable the user to quickly put the variable frequency converter into service without the need to study a complicated operator’s manual.
PSW-SP1000 [20 ft container]
1000 kVA | Input 400V 50-60Hz | Output 0-700V 45-65 Hz
PSW-SP450 [10 ft container]
450 kVA | Input 400V 50-60Hz | Output 0-700V 45-65 Hz
PSW-SP100 [600x2000x600]
100 kVA | Input 400V 50-60Hz | Output 0-700V 45-65 Hz
PSW-SP30 [600x2000x600]
30 kVA | Input 400V 50-60Hz | Output 0-700V 45-65 Hz
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PSW Group offer a Capping Stack & related services and equipment as part of the Norwegian Oil & Gas emergency response plan. The capping stack is stored at PSW Group's facilities at Mongstad and can be ready at quayside within 24 hours of notification.

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