Intelligent Performance Drilling Tool 

Structurally, the SureDrill Intelligent Performance Drilling Tool (IPDT) is similar to a shock-sub, with the addition of a damper section that has programmable stiffness. The damper chamber is filled with a magnetorheological fluid that has electronically controlled viscosity. An integrated motion sensor measures displacement several times per second and changes the damping factor over a 7-to-1 range based on observed drilling conditions.

By keeping tool string damping in the right range for current drilling conditions, the IPDT significantly reduces vibration, maintaining the bit in better contact with the formation and increasing ROP.


  • Self-contained drilling tool with no calibration or other rig maintenance required.
  • Records vibration data for later download.
  • Lower costs
  • Optimize drilling parameters by reducing stick slip, vibrations & whirl
  • Extend bit & drilling tool life
  • The IPDT may be located directly above the drilling motor, drill collars or above/in the BHA assembly
  • The IPDT tool dampens the vibration, whereas the standard bevel spring shock sub is a vibration carrier
  • Improve overall rate of penetration
  • Adapt to a continuously changing environment


  • Tool Size: 7.00 in. or 9.50 in. (178 mm or 241 mm) O.D.; 1.89 in. (48 mm) I.D. for 6.75 in. and 7.00 in. O.D., 3.00 in. (76 mm) I.D. for 9.50 in. O.D.
  • Structurally similar to a shock-sub, with the addition of a damper section that has programmable stiffness.
SureDrill IPDT Technical Sheet
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