PSW Group delivers tailormade ROV panels according to customer needs and industry standard specifications. We can supply complete ROV panel systems configured to meet the clients requirement, or subsystems that work in conjunction with your existing panels. Our engineering department supports you in both the planning and the design process, with focus on the operational requirements and to reduce the risk of  control system downtime.

Deliveries may include:

  • ROV Panel 
  • Subsea Valves with paddle handle
  • Piping and fittings according to customer spesification
  • HOT stabs
  • Receptacles

For more information about our ROV Panels, or for any other custom-designed products, contact our sales team or fill out our request form.

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PSW Power & Automation has installed the solar power plant on the roof of parent company PSW Group's new facilities in Mongstad. With its 1200 solar panels over 2500 square meters, the plant is the tenth largest in Norway, and the building's own power generation is approximately 350,000 kWh per year.

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