From early 2019 till early 2020, PSW Group has completed a multidisciplinary project on Floatel Superior on behalf of the company Floatel International. The project has been about changing the thruster cooling system from a salt water to fresh water system. – The advantages of changing your ​thruster cooling system to a fresh water system is that you will avoid galvanic corrosion, something that extends the lifetime of the components and reduces the maintenance needed for the system, Thomas Blomvågnes says, who is the responsible engineer for the project.

Floatel Superior is a semi-submersible accommodation and construction support vessel (floatel) designed for worldwide operation with emphasis on some of the harshest environmental conditions in the world, such as the Northern North Sea and can accommodate 440 people.

The thruster cooling system that needed rebuilding contained of six thrusters placed in six different locations onboard the floatel, where none of the rooms were alike. – This is a rebuild that requires thorough planning, implementation and logistics. The renovation was designed, planned and implemented by the PSW Group, where the departments Technology, Power & Automation and Solutions are represented, Blomvågnes continues.​ 

About 13,200 working hours have been spent on the project, distributed between the departments. – The project has had a good and steady progress from the start. This is a result of good design studies, planning and close cooperation with the customer. I addition to this, we have had skilled personnel with us from the start. To carry out such a project would not have been possible without good team players and colleagues that focus on progress and result. The customer is very satisfied with the project, as are we. Another great thing is that the project has been completed without a single QHSE deviation, Geir Medaas says, supervisor of the rebuild.



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PSW Power & Automation has installed the solar power plant on the roof of parent company PSW Group's new facilities in Mongstad. With its 1200 solar panels over 2500 square meters, the plant is the tenth largest in Norway, and the building's own power generation is approximately 350,000 kWh per year.

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