PSW Power & Automation to deliver six Containers for Rolls-Royce Energy Storage Solutions

Over the last years electrical hybrid solutions have grown to become a key factor for maritime businesses, both due to industry requirements and increasing environmental demands from government agencies.

PSW Power & Automation, a subsidiary of PSW Group, has been selected by Rolls-Royce to provide container solutions for six new Platform Supply Vessels (PSV). The delivery includes container solution for Rolls-Royce batteries, frequency converters, transformers and control systems for the new PSVs operated by the US company SEACOR, with an option of 2 additional systems. Each container is specially designed for battery system integration onboard ships and certified according to DNVGL

Rolls-Royce will integrate the energy storage system container into the conventional diesel-electric propulsions system. This will enable efficiency improvements by running the engines on a more optimal load and absorbing load fluctuations with the usage of batteries. In addition, Rolls-Royce will use the batteries to eliminate redundancy running of diesel generators, which will result in reduced maintenance need and increased system efficiency. “We are proud to be a part of the delivery that will enable these vessels to achieve environmental and energy efficiency benefits.”, says Eirik Sørensen, General Manager PSW Power & Automation.


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Erik Sørensen, General Manager, mob +47 936 78 233/ email: esor@psw.no

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