Due to difficult drilling conditions and the risk of severe drilling dysfunctions PSW Group’s Intelligent Performance Drilling Tool (IPDT) was recently employed by Baker Hughes in a drilling operation on a North Sea field.

The IPDT was used in a 17 ½” section and 12 ¼” section, and we are proud to announce that the tool made a major contribution to the success of the operation. Together with Baker Hughes’s BHA setup, Kymera bit and the IPDT, both sections were drilled with success, without tool failure and with minimal drilling dysfunctions.

Excerpt from report 12 ¼”: The average ROP for the run was over 22m/hr and throughout it drilling dysfunctions were minimal. Lateral vibration was at background level 1 to 2, torsional vibration intermittent level 1 to 2, negligible whirl and tangential vibration below 0.5 gravity with an occasional spike up to 30 gravity. This showed a very stable bit-BHA combination and the capabilities of the Intelligent Performance Drilling Tool (IPDT) tool installed in the BHA.

Read more about our IPDT tool here or contact General Manager Oilfield Services, Klaus Magnus Wergeland for more information.

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PSW Power & Automation has installed the solar power plant on the roof of parent company PSW Group's new facilities in Mongstad. With its 1200 solar panels over 2500 square meters, the plant is the tenth largest in Norway, and the building's own power generation is approximately 350,000 kWh per year.

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