Europe's largest dry dock in the making

PSW Group has today (20.02.19) signed an agreement with Wergeland Holding AS concerning the use and commercialization of Europe's largest dry dock for drilling units. The agreement covers all activities related to inspection, repair and maintenance of drilling rigs, drill ships, accommodation-and support rigs and vessels.

The construction of the dock located in Gulen Industrial Harbor, Western Norway, is already underway, with expected completion in 2020. With an original length of 200 meters (option of an additional 100 meters), width of over 100 meters and depth of 25, the dock will be the largest of its kind in Europe, and designed to accommodate all varieties of drilling vessels and rigs.

PSW Group has been offering complete yard services with Wergeland at the existing facility in Gulen for several years, and was the natural choice when the group wanted to formalize a partnership for the planned dock. The new yard, which has been named "PSW Yard", will provide full access to rig / vessels from three sides and thus dramatically reduce maintenance time.

CEO of PSW Group, Oddbjørn Haukøy, is very pleased with the collaboration with Wergeland, and believes the new dock will strengthen the entire area: “PSW Yard is an incredibly important step in our strategy for further development of life cycle services to the rig market. Together with Wergeland, we now have the opportunity to create a world-class center of excellence, which will have ripple effects throughout the region”.

The ultra-modern dock is designed for efficient and fast yardstays. With a depth of 25 meters and ca 20-hour pumping time it will enable safe and efficient access to ciritcal parts such as  thrusters and hulls. Haukøy adds; "We want to streamline rig services in a safe and secure way, and believe PSW Yard will be the best alternative for both rig and vessel owners. The design is based on input from our customers, and there is already great interest in the project”.

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