PSW Capping & Containment

PSW Group with its subsidiary PSW Oilfield Services render a variety of services within Capping & Containment as part of the Norwegian Oil & Gas emergency response plan. At PSW Subsea & Drilling base at Mongstad PSW Group has an Arctic Capping Stack stationed to assist in requirement for immediate Capping & Containment in Norway.

PSW Arctic Capping Stack info:

Primary Bore

18 3/4 with dual rams
Diverter outlets 2 x 5 1/8 with dual gate valves
Pressure rating 10.000 psi
Temperature rating -20 degree f to 250 degree f
Water depth 10.000 feet
Soft shut-in capabiity No
Flow back capability Yes - 50.000 bpd
Chemical injection Yes - Hydrate remediation/dispersant


Installation Method Wire
Air freight No
Weight 85 tons
Dimension in ft (LxWxH) 16 x 16,5 x 21
Storage Location PSW Subsea & Drilling base Mongstad
Serving region Norwegian Continental Shelf


In addition PSW Group has the following key components to the Capping Stack:

- H4 w/blind flange and lifting eye
- HC connector
- Flowline elbow w/5" gate valve

- Retrievable spreader bar
- Shipping and test stand flowline connectors
- Shipping and test frame

BOP Intervention Equipment
- SAM (Subsea Accumulator Module)
- HFL deployment skid and umbilical