Heave Compensating Systems

The design and manufacture of PSW "80K Marine Riser Tensioner" and PSW "16K Guide Line tensioner" is based on field-proven technology. PSW Marine Riser Tensioners are interchangeable with industri standard tensioners, with regards to  mounting bracket and size. Can easily replace old Shaffer / Rucker Tensioners .

The tensioner can be purchased as a single item or as a part of a complete heave compensating system. The complete system consits of the following items:

  • Heave compensators
  • Winch
  • Control Panel
  • Idler/Turn down Sheave

Our Engineering department can also provide:

  • Offshore survey
  • Design solutions tailormade for any rig

Tensioners are designed, constructed and certified according to DNV OS-E101 (Drill ā€˜Nā€™).