The purpose of the PSW "Easy Fit FleX Saddle" is to guide the BOP hose within the splash zone, to provide tension relief for the PSW "Motorized POD Saddle" and hose clamps and to maintain the minimum hose bending radius. The easy Easy Fit FleX Saddle can be attached to the guide line wire.


The innovated design makes it possible to install the Easy Fit Flex Saddle vertically, reducing the handling time of the hose to a minimum.

  • Vertical installation
  • Reduce handling time.
  • Reduce the possibility of injurie
  • Light weight due to composite materials make it easy to fit manually


  • Manufacturer: PSW Group AS
  • POD Umbilical Saddle for use in hazardous zone II environment.
  • SWL 600Kg (Assuming max of 100 feet of unsupported Umbilical/Storm Loop from Motorized POD Sheave to Easy Fit FleX Saddle
  • Umbilical dia:  3”-6”

Weight: 20 Kg

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