PSW GROUP Welding is certified by the Classification society DNV in accordance to ISO 3834-2 Welding Quality Assurance.

PSW GROUP Welding can render the following services;

Production and welding services

Welding of PIN/BOX for riser lines and main pipe
Cladding with Tig-hotwire and Tig-coldwire
Cladding Stelitt 6 and Inconel 625
Heat treatment

International Welding Engineer Services

Advisors and assitance for qualifications according to ISO 3834-2
Advisors in connection to various welding technical standards
Welding coordination in projects
Advisors in connection to welding procedures and qualifications
Advisors and supervision within qualifications of welders and operators
Approval and signing off welding procedures

Total Enterprices

Production assignment
Total enterprises on larger assignment and projects
Modern and high tech production facility
Certified personnel for offshore projects